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Andromeda Vs Milky Way (It’s The Melbourne Vs Sydney of Space)
Created 16-2-2018
And the heading is spot on!

1674 is significantly discovered

What about the two world wars and 1674?  So I did the first two calculations of 1914-1674=240 which is the date that began the 3-day “0” power challenge in the non-leap year of 2002:

and the start of WWII:
1939-1674=265 (see 227 239 and 265 – The Basics and President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 22-11-1963 Establishes 242 240 and 265)

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church:

WWI ended in 1819:
1918-1674=244 and there you have the day and month of the 265th Pope’s inauguration in 2005.

So what about 1945 which was the year of the end of WWII:

The Second Law of Ecology:  Everything Must Go Somewhere
Created 16-2-2018

1020÷6=170 which is the reported cm height of Benedict as well as two additional world-famous men:

The Significance of 170 and Beyond
Created 2-4-2017

Please note that I have just calculated 1020 and have yet to add this to my published document.

Author: Angela Laughton

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