When a “space” Activates


39A – Substitute the letter A with its numerical place in the English Alphabet and 391, when reversed establishes 193 which is the connection with 1119:


Me?  I have no power at all I see myself as just the typist…

But I learned years ago that when I type in a website address on my normal Expression Web page I need to put a space behind it to activate it.

There’s also the mention in the above article of a 23-story rocket

and “W” is the 23rd letter in the English Alphabet. In 1944 it was the birthday of The Twins in Leap Year on the 324th day and 19-11-1947 was the date of the creation of the fourth title Duke of Edinburgh:

Three significant events The Roswell Incident, the creation of the fourth title Duke of Edinburgh and the wedding of Princess Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on the 324th day of 1947 which was not a leap year:

324 – 325 and 41 are the three connections with the date of the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840:

and the connection with the USA is further established in the number of days between the birth of HRH Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II:

and the following 3 flights on 9-11-2001 establish the calculated outcome of the 3-day “0” power challenge  to which I am witness:

If you’ve watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets you may remember that the President asks Ben to discover what is on page 47:

279 is the connection with the birth of Queen Victoria:

and in The Book of Secrets movie 1876 is the code that unlocks The Twin Resolute Desk at Buckingham Palace (although there are claims that desk is at Windsor):

Across the sea, these twins stand resolute; to preserve what we are looking for. 1876

This is the third clue in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. The message that was in the French Statue of Liberty. The resolute twins refer to the resolute desk. The first is in Buckingham Palace the second is in the Oval Office of the President of the United States. Both Ben Gates and Abigail Chase find the clues in those desks.


Here is Goethe’s Seal:

and the 66th Anniversary of the Ascension of Princess Elizabeth II to the throne was on 6-2-2018 (UKDP=d/m).

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born 28 August 1749:


253 is the base total of the date of The Roswell Incident:

I Am The Witness of God’s Knowledge the youngest of The Scorpio Twins Elect:

and please note the copy date of 29 September is the date of the creation of CERN as an entity in 1954:

It’s worth having a look for the connection with 1988 and 1749 because 253 is the base total of the date known by the world population as 9/11:


239 human souls went missing on International Women’s Day 8 March 2014 on Flight MH370:

Why do I refer to The Holy Spirit when all I see myself as I the typist?  The answer to that is that I am granted access to the knowledge of God.

But that’s Religion?! No it is not – it’s the communicating ENERGY that establishes, since 26 November 2001 the date I created and established The Covenant of Truth, the multi-dimensional means of deciphering what’s being set up as a soul-less world:

Round off to nearest whole number:  646
Round off to nearest whole number:  108

387 is significantly established within the power-numbers of the Knights Templar:

The control of the redemption of The Soul of Humanity has evolved significantly over the centuries:


and there is now a vital connection when 190 days remaining until  the end of the year becomes the anchor for the date  24 June:

Author: Angela Laughton

For 15 years I am sharing our Creator's revelations daily and when my computer has been under attack I've faxed the data. I am The Witness of our Creator's (God's) Knowledge.