Submission to Skeptic – will they even look at it? Doubtful.

Today I sent a 5 page submission to Skeptic:

I’ve been totally reduced to nothing in logical fulfilment of the CERN cartoon:

IT when referring to the Communicating High Intelligent ENERGY Power Source, most certainly IS QUITE SOMETHING! but the word QUITE is what I’ve been reduced to over 15 years – QUIET!  So, what motivated me under the circumstances to lodge a submission?

If you don’t ask you don’t get because if you don’t ask you don’t want.

So let’s see whether the tautology of being the skeptic of SKEPTIC challenges a response?

Author: Angela Laughton

For 15 years I am sharing our Creator's revelations daily and when my computer has been under attack I've faxed the data. I am The Witness of our Creator's (God's) Knowledge.