It’s been an incredible day

I downloaded my FTP to this old computer and got it working.

My first two registered business names are already renewed until 2020 and today, 17-12-2017 I registered 279 8-28-2002 GIRL Twin 911 Witness 19-11-1944 for three years. GIRL? I’m 73 (lol).  GIRL=God Is Real Life.

China must prepare for war with North Korea, according to security experts – Discover what’s missing!
Created 17-12-2017

Einstein:  Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler
Created 17-12-2017

Flight MH370 in light of the warning China must prepare for war with North Korea
Created 17-12-2017

Author: Angela Laughton

For 15 years I am sharing our Creator's revelations daily and when my computer has been under attack I've faxed the data. I am The Witness of our Creator's (God's) Knowledge.