I was a basic ‘survivor’ without a washing machine! And I didn’t know (lol)!

I’ve been doing my washing by hand because I couldn’t operate my old washing machine because my drain in the laundry was blocked.  That has now been cleared by the wonderful  housing maintenance people and have got a new washing machine.  The most basic survivor skills I have been using daily with hand washing and didn’t even realize it.

I haven’t taken anything for granted for many years.  I’m grateful for the internet, for the great adventure that it’s been mine to establish way beyond comfort zone with a school report that stated Angela doesn’t bother to turn up to Maths class because she thinks she’s going it get it all wrong anyway so why should she bother to turn up!  Actually, was doing piano lessons to strengthen my hand and dancing lessons to strengthen my legs and co-ordinate balance after Polio which I had when I was 8.

I’ve put in a request to our creator – I would like to be taller in my next life, and have thicker curly hair and I want to be a jazz musician.  Meanwhile I publish daily what I see as The Witness of God’s Knowledge and I have been doing this for nearly sixteen years.

When I see numbers I know very well I think and say “Oh Shit!” but that seems natural given the fact that my twin and my birthday was created as World Toilet day on 19 November 2001, 69 days after the destruction of The Twin Towers on 9-11-2001.

So, how are we going to cope globally if they ever get round to admitting what redemption is really about?


Author: Angela Laughton

For 15 years I am sharing our Creator's revelations daily and when my computer has been under attack I've faxed the data. I am The Witness of our Creator's (God's) Knowledge.