A look at Today’s workout 22-12-2017 (3 days before Christmas)

What history really tells us about Jesus’ birth
Created 22-12-2017

History, Sociology, Religion and more – the article doesn’t inspire or motivate…worse still, the article doesn’t touch on the encasement of Jesus in The Davidic Lineage nor does it get it mention the great potential to

261 – The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Created 22-12-2017

The Davidic Lineage – Pipeline to Hell
Created 22-12-2017

There’s a lot of work to be done in the weeks ahead getting The Human Soul documents repaired because there are images missing in documents but I’m not giving upĀ and I’m not giving in.

Author: Angela Laughton

For 15 years I am sharing our Creator's revelations daily and when my computer has been under attack I've faxed the data. I am The Witness of our Creator's (God's) Knowledge.