In honour of Stephen Hawking – brilliant Theoretical Physicist

Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day 14-3-2018 and in honour of this brilliant Theoretical Physicist I have incorporated Pi calculations to expand my interpretations and WOW!!! that works well.

I Am The Witness of God’s Knowledge

In this movie Kevin Costner who stars as political consultant Kenneth O’Donnell, warns that ‘black is white’ and ‘white is black’ and warns his people that they need to think with this in mind and look beyond what they think they see.

Thirteen years after this film was released I registered my business name:

and I still haven’t received the certificate and will be writing a letter over the weekend requesting the original certificate of my three registered business names:

I Am The Witness of God’s Knowledge, the youngest of The Scorpio Twin Elect:

The Twins establish 354 with our birth date:

Here is the Twin Election:

Round off to nearest whole number: 333

The numbers 1 to 9 were targeted on 8-28-2002 with the calculated outcome of 279:

When Ben kidnaps the President he is asked to specifically let him (President) know what page 47 establishes.

It is locked into the two Postcodes of The Twin Towers:

Round off to nearest whole number: 1675
Round off to nearest whole number: 279

Round off to nearest whole number: 1675
Round off to nearest whole number: 279

47 contains the UKDP=d/m of  4 July which is celebrated since 1776 as Independence Day in the USA…with considerable British Royal luggage:,_Duke_of_Edinburgh


White House 101 was a fun page to visit during Barack Obama’s first term of office as President of the United States of America:

I’m in the process of establishing the CERN-connection and here’s why:

I was born 19 November 1944 which was created as World Toilet Day on 19-11-2001:

1002+1000=2002 which was the year of my personal experiences upon which two of my three registered business names are established:

*89 is the outcome of 279 divided by the pi ratio 3.1415926535:
Round off to nearest whole number:  89

911 and 912 is the USADP=m/d of the Terrorist Attack in 2001 and the day thereafter – i.e. 2 days and two days is 48 hours and 48 is the triple challenge of Pi which is the 16th letter in the Greek Alphabet:


My Five Days with “0” Revelations published 3-3-2018 to 7-3-2018 (inclusive)

Five days with no revelations and on 8-3-2018 I finished as much as I could within that final day before uploading.

The significance of 3-3-2018 is that 33 is inextricably connected with 26-7-1981 and 26-7-1726
and 1981÷6=330.1666666666667
Round off to nearest whole number: 330


That was the date of CERN’s third false apocalypse experiment using the LHC for High Energy collisions.

8 March 2018 –  International Women’s Day after 5 days of 0 revelation
Created 8-3-2018

Fearless Girl Welcomes The Truth
Created 8-3-2018

My Five Dates of “0” Revelation 3-3-2018 to 7-3-2018 (inclusive)
Created 8-3-2018

McDonald’s flips golden arches upside down
Created 8-3-2018

Tight-lipped Prince William will not attend the World Cup in Russia
Created 8-3-2018

Whilst I’ve completed these documents I’ve got a house to clean and a massive front lawn to mow and a few documents to still complete.  But the five days without revelation have become extremely effective.

I’m doing head miles interpreting revelations granted by Divine Grace 3-3-2018

The Scorpio Twins Elect have 354 established with 177:

The Scorpio Twins Elect attained the age of 56 in 2000 and here’s my copy birth certificate copy dated 29 September 1988:


Here is The Balance of 912:

Round off to nearest whole number: 189

Round off to nearest whole number: 291
Round off to nearest whole number: 49

It’s going to be an interesting day.