Here are the pages I was allowed to upload today

I saw a rainbow over the hills when I drove back from the shops yesterday, and since childhood, when Dad explained the best way to look for a rainbow when it’s raining and the sun shines, I’ve been entranced by rainbows.

I’ve stood in a rainbow and felt the energy before ever I knew the reality of our communicating creator the way I do now and although I wasn’t able to   do more than one blog post yesterday 26-1-2018, I was able to upload all my documents today with no trouble, so thank you folks…

Whilst this was written in 2013, my experiences are inspiring me to share my discoveries.

1991 and the purpose of the Bush NWO speech on 9/11 established

The Knights Templar establish the significance of 1726
Created 26-1-2018

WWI and WWII establish 337 in line with prophecy
Created 26-1-2018


Australia Day and my computers are having problems of course

I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion on 26-7-1981, at which I also received the complete miraculous healing of my crippled left hand (Dupuytren’s contracture)

The Holy Spirit was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002, which saved my life:

Please note that I added (not verbatim) because the man that I was speaking with said “Oh my God.” more than just that once.

The key 209 unlocks multiple levels and it is one day – i.e. 24 hours.

There are 3 consecutive years with 365 days establishing in 1947-365=1582 which is the year of the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar Codes via Papal Bull:


Here is The Balance of 176:

Round off to nearest whole number: 141

I have WWI and WWII deciphered using my newly revealed tool which I will create in another blog.





What a couple of amazing weeks…and then on Tuesday WOW!!!

1 Peter 2:4-8 – The Stone that makes them stumble and fall
Created 23-1-2018
Linked with Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny

Angela Gay Laughton challenging the contrived purpose of Aboriginal Spirituality 26-1-2018
Created 23-1-2018
Linked with 1 Peter 2:4-8 – The Stone that makes them stumble and fall and Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny

We had an evening of thunderstorms so this page will be uploaded when I finish it in the morning:

Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny
Created 23-1-2018
Linked with 1 Peter 2:4-8 – The Stone that makes them stumble and fall

3 days just working flat out – exhausted but resolute

I forget my age sometimes and that I need sleep.  These past three days have been a significant indicator that everything connects…

755 Calculated Control Factor Comes Full Circle
Created 11-1-2018

One thing I am aware of is that the assassination of President Kennedy on 22 November 1963 with numbers that are coming up everywhere with significant connection points to other historical events.

I will write more in the morning when I’m not so tired.

And then today, 13-1-2018 there was a article about MH370:

MH370: Evidence points to wreck being in Indian Ocean
Created 13-1-2018

Science and Technology
Created 13-1-2018

The Higgs-like boson
Created 13-1-2018


Submission to Skeptic – will they even look at it? Doubtful.

Today I sent a 5 page submission to Skeptic:

I’ve been totally reduced to nothing in logical fulfilment of the CERN cartoon:

IT when referring to the Communicating High Intelligent ENERGY Power Source, most certainly IS QUITE SOMETHING! but the word QUITE is what I’ve been reduced to over 15 years – QUIET!  So, what motivated me under the circumstances to lodge a submission?

If you don’t ask you don’t get because if you don’t ask you don’t want.

So let’s see whether the tautology of being the skeptic of SKEPTIC challenges a response?